Make it cost shoot 11: Rocky Harbour / by Andrew Dacey

After I got back from New York the 2nd time I fell back into the same pattern of not shooting much around town. Fortunately, I was well ahead of schedule on my goal, but it was still disappointing that I couldn't seem to fit photography into my day to day life. 

It was another trip, this time to Newfoundland, that provided the next group of shots. This first one was taken in Rocky Harbour, one of the small towns in Gros Morne National Park. My girlfriend grew up in the area and this is always a special place for her. 

This shot is a mild HDR shot, I've tried to keep it fairly realistic but have just pulled a bit of detail out of the hills and the docks so those aren't purely black. I think it works for this shot, it just brings in a little more detail but the clouds and the shadows still look pretty natural.  I liked this shot enough to add it to my rural portfolio