Make it cost shoot 10: The costume shop / by Andrew Dacey

A little late with the post today but I'm really trying to stick to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule so I was determined to post something. 

This was definitely one of the shoots I was determined to do while I was in New York. My cousin works at a costume shop that makes hats for several of the stage productions. I had a chance to visit the shot and forgot to bring my camera but after I saw the place I knew I had to come back, and fortunately my cousin was gracious enough to let me come back and take pictures of the place. 

Honestly, to do this place justice I really need to edit through the entire collection and come up with a photo essay. Every square inch of their workspace was covered in interesting details and it was packed to the rafters with stuff. I'm still trying to sort out what the best way is to tell the story of the place. 

This shot is just 1 small detail shot that I liked. It's actually 3 images focus-stacked, a technique I've not tried out before, but I was quite pleased with how well it worked here as there wasn't much light so I had to shoot wide open.