Make it cost shoot 12: The Arches / by Andrew Dacey

This was my second time shooting at this location. I'd made a trip to Newfoundland in 2010 and loved the rock formations at The Arches but struggled with how to shoot them. 

This time, I tried some HDR and pano techniques I'd been experimenting with. Unfortunately, no tripod plus slippery rocks made it very difficult to keep my camera steady, especially for the panos, and I've struggled with getting quality results from the series. 

However, I did really like this single exposure of the rock formations. It's not the rock arches themselves but I think it still captures some of the unusual formations at the location. 

I'm still going through the rest of the images from this shoot and am trying to find ways to get a good treatment but so far haven't come up with anything else I'm happy with.