Updated galleries / by Andrew Dacey

Murder Hole Beach, Donegal, Ireland. Probably the best shot I took on the photo tour.

I've finally gone through the process of updating the galleries on this site. I've always intended for the two galleries to be a bit of a portfolio for me and to showcase the best of my work. For a long time though, I wasn't producing anything new. The last year, I went on a week long photo tour in Donegal, Ireland and raised the bar on my landscape shots. I'd long known that my "rural" gallery was somewhat lacking in quality and in the number of images I felt worth showing. After that trip, I'd been planning to at least update the rural set of images but hadn't gotten around to it. After some more shooting on trips, and producing more content that I wanted to share, I felt like it was finally time to push the latest stuff up there.

I'm quite pleased to have ten images in both galleries that I'd happily show. I think I'm doing far more to showcase my best work now. In particular, the rural gallery has seen a complete replacement, with ten new images and nothing from the old gallery making the cut. The urban gallery was less of an extensive overhaul, as there's still some favourite images in that gallery and I've not been shooting as much urban or street photography, but I have added a few shots also from the last year.

I'd love to promise that I'm going to keep the blog up on a more regular basis. It really is something I'd like to maintain, but I'm finding it difficult to post content regularly. I have some ideas for showing some tutorials on how I've worked on some of my images, and possibly discussing the making of some of the images, but I really don't want to make any promises at this point.

The other "big" change has been that I've finally jumped on board Instagram. I've added the social link to my site and removed Pinterest as I was never posting anything there and was only using it for inspiration.