I am a photographer originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. I began shooting as a hobby since the mid-90s working with old film SLRs and working in the darkroom.

I resisted the move to digital for some time as I loved working in the darkroom and had access to one through taking continuing education courses at NSCAD University. My resistance wasn't a question of quality per se; it was enjoying working with the analogue process and its inherent qualities.

Over time though, I stopped having as much free time, and no longer had darkroom access, and I simply wasn't shooting as much because of that. When I did shoot, the increased turnaround time to develop, then scan the film was sapping my enjoyment of photography, and my output dropped quite a bit.

I finally took the plunge into digital with a Nikon D700. I'd been waiting for a more affordable full-frame DSLR to become available and this ticked a lot of my requirements, and I the interface felt very natural to me. I shot with that camera, and it helped me expand my skills.

Over time I felt that the size and weight of the D700 were feeling to be more of a liability. I liked using it when I had it out, but I would often leave the camera at home. In 2013 I moved to London for work, and I wanted to be out shooting more, but I wasn't taking my camera with me. The desire to shoot more prompted a move to mirrorless with a Fuji X-T1, which I now have a pair of with several lenses.

In the past, I tended to shoot more urban scenes and architectural photography, but I've more recently begun to take landscape photography more seriously and am working on building up a portfolio of images.

I'm still not taking as many pictures as I might like, but this is still very much a hobby for me, although one that I take seriously. I go through long stretches of not even using my camera, punctuated by bursts of activity. I use this site as a way to share my work and to discuss my process.