Make it cost shoot 9: Flat-iron District / by Andrew Dacey

This was another case of wanting to visit a particular area in New York and struggling with how to do something new with such an iconic piece of architecture. I shot some more stuff in the area but came back to this shot as my favourite.

The colour in this image wasn't that interesting but I found that with a very harsh black and white treatment it really pulls out the detail in the building and works with the graphic nature of this shot. 

One point on the border. Normally I'm not much of a fan of the fake film borders on digital images but in this case since I was blowing out the sky almost completely I felt that I needed something on the edges of the image in order to "ground" the shot. Otherwise the sky just sort of bleeds off into nothing and there's no boundary for the edge of the picture. It's a rare case where I felt the border was necessary.