Make it cost project shoot 1: Manhattan at Night / by Andrew Dacey

Manhattan flower shop

These updates are a long time coming. I'd really wanted to get on top of these earlier but, better late than never. 

I ended up being very late on getting started on my Make it Cost project last year. I finally got started when my work sent me down to New York City for 6 weeks. That really reinvigorated my creative energy and I got into taking a lot of street shots at night, since I was working during the day. I stayed in an apartment in midtown Manhattan and even just walking within a few blocks I could find so many interesting subjects. 

I saw this man looking at the flower shop and I framed it up and just waited for him to move in to look closer. Finally when he leaned forward I knew I had the shot I was looking for. I felt the colours of the flowers were distracting and that it worked far better as the black and white here. I liked it so much that it also made it into my Urban portfolio.