Make it cost project shoot 2: St. Patrick's Day Parade / by Andrew Dacey

As mentioned for shoot 1, work sent me to New York for 6 weeks in 2012. I happened to be there for St. Patrick's Day so I was excited to try to check out the parade as one of my shoots for my challenge.

In the end, I has missed a lot of the beginning of the parade but I ended up catching the later parts from alongside Central Park. I wasn't really happy with any of the shots of the parade that I took but I did really like this candid shot I got of one of the police officers at the parade. All of them were very friendly with me and were very courteous and even made sure that other people didn't block my shots! 

Not my best work but the point of the challenge was to get me shooting more regularly and this was something I really wanted to cover while I was in New York. This became a bit of a recurring them during my challenge that some of the shoots that I had envisioned ahead of time ended up being nothing like what I thought they might be.