New Gallery: Newfoundland 2010 / by Andrew Dacey


In early July my girlfriend and I visited her parents in western Newfoundland.

I was very prolific in my shooting, coming back with 373 images. I've finally managed to cut that down to a reasonably sized gallery.

I don't often get the opportunity to shoot much landscape photography and I'm really pleased with how these shots turned out.

I'm also experimenting with a new way of displaying the gallery, I'd be interested to hear how people feel the thumbnails with lightbox effect works compared to the thumbnails beneath the full-size image. One nice feature is the lightbox effect I'm using (Fancybox) seems to be handling automatic scaling pretty well (for me at least) so I'm thinking that may solve some of the scrolling problems I was seeing with earlier galleries and vertical shots. If this works out well it's fortunately a very easy change to adjust the other galleries.

Check out Newfoundland 2010 and let me know what you think.