Donegal: Bád Eddie / by Andrew Dacey

I'm experimenting here a bit with how to best show off sets of images on the blog. I think the slideshow option might be nice for a series, but I'm curious what people think and whether it would be better to allow for full-screen viewing of the images. What I do like about having the slideshow is that it at least presents one big image when you first load the page, which I think is a bit more eye-catching than just having a block of thumbnails.

Continuing on here with my idea of stories, I'm at least looking at logical image sequences that I can present on my blog. Obviously, this is a set of images all exploring this one wrecked boat. In this case, this would be Bád Eddie (or Eddie's Boat), at An Bun Baeg, Ireland.

The boat apparently ran aground in the 70s and has been there ever since. It's really starting to deteriorate now, and it's unclear how much longer it will remain. We visited in the morning to catch the low tide. We were able to get quite close on the sand and it was only toward the end of the visit that the water began to come in. It was really nice having the opportunity to explore the compositions both with the sand and with the water. With a group of photographers, we did have to be a bit careful to stay out of each other's shots and to be aware of leaving footprints, but everyone was quite cooperative and we did a good job of waiting to confirm that everyone was done with further away shots before approaching closer.

In the interests of full disclosure, there were some warning signs on the boat to not climb on top of the boat, I found them distracting and I've removed them. Given that I'm going for a more artistic rendition here, rather than strictly documentary, I don't feel that this is a problem.