Hong Kong at night / by Andrew Dacey

Mong Kok, Hong Kong at night

I wanted to mix things up a bit and post something completely different. I'd shared a few images on Instagram from my work trip to Hong Kong, and added some to my portfolio, but otherwise, haven't shared much from that trip. It was predominantly a work trip, and not a photography holiday, but I did try to shoot when I could.

I love shooting at night, especially with mixed lighting situations like this. You can get such exciting colour casts and play with how the white balance will remove, or accentuate these. Especially in this case where there were coloured lights in the shot, there's no "right" colour balance here. I love the cool-warm mix that the different lighting is giving this image.

This building was across the street from my hotel, and I had a view of it from my window, so I knew that it was an interesting building that could look neat from the right angle. I found a rooftop balcony attached to the building and was able to set up this shot from there. Rain clouds were coming in that night which show up with the light pollution from the city which adds some detail to the sky rather than just going pitch black.