Budapest sunset / by Andrew Dacey

Budapest palace and the Chain Bridge

I've not been shooting anything since my trip to Florence, which has been making it a bit of a challenge to keep this page updated with new content. I'm trying to make an effort to post something three times a week now. What this is doing though is pushing me to revisit my older images. I'm trying not just to do new edits of images I've previously shared, but instead to find other images worth exploring that I've not shared before.

This image is from another work trip, this time to Budapest last November. We got this fantastic sunset while walking along the river and I took several shots across the bank. I've pushed this one quite far in Luminar, but I'm pleased with the overall look. As I've mentioned quite a bit recently, I'm finding my style is evolving to be more comfortable with quite heavy, even aggressively, edited images right now. I'm getting a good feel for when this will work though, it's certainly not a case where it will work for every image, and I also want to be clear that I'm not trying to suggest that any amount of editing will save a bad image. I'm quite particular about the images I chose to edit, and if the image is in boring harsh midday light, there's not any amount of boosting saturation that's going to help that. Not saying harsh light can't work for an image, just that most of my stuff taken in that kind of light tends not to be worth the effort.