Make it cost shoot 7: New York Botanical Gardens / by Andrew Dacey

This was the shoot that I'd originally bought the Lensbaby soft-focus optic for that I used during my Times Square shoot. I found out that the New York Botanical Gardens was doing their orchid show while I was in town and I wanted to try out some soft-focus shots of the flowers.

I spent some time walking through the enormous greenhouse shooting the orchids before I wandered the grounds. It was still early April when I took these shots so a lot of stuff wasn't really out in bloom yet but some areas were quite nice, like the cherry blossoms. 

Originally, I wasn't very happy with the shots of the orchid and I was much happier with some of the shots from the grounds, such as the image from above, which I've even used in my rural portfolio. However, since then I've revisited some of the images with some new post-processing techniques to better match my original vision and I came up with the below 4 shots. Overall I think they help accentuate the dreamy quality I was going for in my original vision.