Make it cost shoot 15: Hal-Con / by Andrew Dacey

The final shoot in the project! Yes, I did make it to my goal of getting 15 shoots in for the year. 

This last shoot was a bit special for me, first it's the only shoot for the entire project that I took in my home city of Halifax. As I mentioned before, travel really helped fill in this project for the year and I'm not sure if I would have made it otherwise. 

The other reason why this shoot was so important to me was that it involved me getting over my shyness about approaching people and taking their pictures. If anyone else is in a similar boat, my advice is go to something where people like to have their pictures taken. A sci-fi convention is a great opportunity to get some really interesting shoots and the people in costume expect to have their pictures taken. Everyone was really cool about it and it was never a problem. 

I still have a way to go before I'd be fully comfortable just walking up to someone on the street and asking if I could take their picture but this was a really big step for me.